About us

The idea for FLO-GROW originated in 2014. It began with a search for a product that has all the necessary components inside, is delivered in one piece, and the customer does not have to worry about assembling it. At the time, there were startups on the market that customers had been waiting for for years to come. Unfortunately, to this day, these constructions are questionable in their functionality, which confirms customer’s opinions. These companies focused on automatic hydroponics rather than good lighting and simplicity. Therefore, watching the market, we went the other way. At the time, we were looking for the most efficient light sources and went towards organic farming, which is simple and ecological. In the meantime, we tested the product. We wanted to create a simple growbox for growers of mixed experience, whether beginner or professional. We tried extremely hard to make it very quiet. Therefore we are the only ones on the market that cool the LED radiator with external air – that would overload the exhaust fan, which would have to be very powerful to extract large amounts of heat generated by the LED lamp. We rejected the HYDROPONIK concept because it is difficult to control such crops with micro-controllers. Sensors often need to be calibrated, and electronics like to malfunction. For such cultivation you also need a considerable amount of space for fertilisers and a water tank. We wanted to keep our project simple, so we decided we couldn’t afford it. Of course, you can use such a system in our cabinet, but we achieved the best results using soil. In the future, we will refine the automatic watering system, but the 45-litre container for soil works perfectly. Single 5 litres of water every 5-7 days is enough.

Our proprietary design will allow users to have an extremely discreet indoor cultivation. Thanks to the modern design – the growbox resembles a minimalist cabinet, so it looks like an element of interior design.

FLOGROW CABINET SYSTEM is a modular installation. Individual elements of the machine are exchangeable. This allows users to independently analyse any errors and instantly replace the lamp, fan or carbon filter.

Growbox moves on wheels. This allows for its location to be adjusted easily. Our discrete cultivation cabinet has two SCROG, or trellis, nets for modelling the plant. One is used during the growing season, for spreading, and the other for height correction during flowering. It also serves to dry buds.