About me

Hello, my name is FLO. I am a quiet, discreet and easy to use growbox. I have a high-quality, economical LED lighting and an air-tight carbon filter. I fit into any interior. I have a secure lock and, I can be moved easily to any corner of your home. You can connect to me via Wi-fi to control lighting and monitor temperature and humidity. I have been equipped with a 45-litre flower pot, so you won’t have to water your plants often.

My most important features

noise level:
50cm – 5 dB

connection via

efficient carbon filter

monitoring + support

two hight-correcting nets, or trellis (SCROG)


I have the most modern LED lighting based on the CITIZEN CLU048 diode with a capacity of 155 lm / W and an additional deep red spectrum – necessary during the flowering period.

The components are mounted on a large aluminium radiator cooled from the outside, thereby reducing the excessive temperature inside, which is not very good for your plants.


My look fits perfectly into any modern space.
I can be modified to look the way you want me to look.

I offer several types of laminates that imitate real wood.
Choose the colour of my top to match the furniture in your room.

I have been equipped with two height-correcting nets, also known as a trellis or SCROG net.
One you can use when spreading the plant during the growing season. With the other, you can control the hight of flowers.

Additional accessories:

A set of dedicated organic fertilisers

Reverse osmosis water filter

Dedicated 4K sports camera
with a TIMELAPS video function