External dimensions: 64x50x114cm (width, depth, height)

Internal dimensions: 55x47x95cm (width, depth, height)

Growing area: 0.26 m²

Lighting: LED Citizen CLU048 3500K, 12x5W POWERLED Hyper red 660Nm. All mounted on an aluminium radiator 20x19x5cm cooled from the outside.

Power supply: MEANWELL 2100mA for Citizen diode,
24-36V 900mA for POWERLED diodes

Power consumption: Vegetation: 90W Flowering: 120W

Controller: Sonoff th10 controller (lighting control, temperature and humidity monitoring through eWelink applications on iOS and Android)

1 – Filtered air outlet from the cultivation chamber
2 – Heat sink air duct
3 – Lamp cooling air intake duct and electronics.
4 – Air intake to the cultivation chamber

The cabinet frame is made of laminated MDF. The content is constructed using the highest quality elements.

We built the product manually using CNC technology. When creating FLO-GROW, we primarily focused on simplicity and usability. That is why our box is distinguished by easy operation, minimal failure rate, very quiet operation and low power consumption.


FULL HD Camera

Do you want to run a professional growlog?

RO3 water filter (reverse osmosis)

Removed tap and spring water still contain a lot of mineral salts and heavy metals,
which are not very good for your crop.
Provide the best and cleanest water for your plants.